Yeehaw Macro Pad Kit Extras

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The Yeehaw macro pad is the perfect way to show people how Texan you truly are! Yeehaw is a FR4 skeleton style case with 14 keys, a pro micro footprint, optional RGB and encoder, a Texas themed PCB design, and full QMK/Via compatibility. For more images of the macro pad, check the imgur album.

- The base kit includes the 3 FR4 plates, a pro micro and sockets, a reset button, and mounting hardware. (This is everything needed to build a working board excluding switches and caps.)
- The addon kit includes RGB LEDs, a rotary encoder, a metal knob, and a 3D printed star shaped knob.
- The keycap kit includes 15 DSA blanks to fill out your board like the Texas flag and is available here.
- The 3D printed case shown can be found here.

This is a kit meaning you will have to solder/assemble the components yourself, and provide your own switches, keycaps, and micro USB cable. A detailed build guide can be found here.

This is an in stock item and will ship within 4 business days.

Huge thanks to Ken for helping make the build guide and doing all the initial testing, James for helping set up the firmware and answering all my QMK questions, n.rdy for the help with the case design, and many other tex mechs friends for all the support and feedback . This project would not be where it is without any of them!