лесовоз - Lesovoz Thru-Hole Van Kit

$35.00 Coming Soon

Taking inspiration from the lumberjack keyboard, лесовоз (pronounced lesovoz), is a 4x10 ortho thru-hole PCB kit designed to fit in standard minivan traymount cases.

Included in the kit will be:
• Lesovoz PCB
• 2 FR4 Plate Halves
• All components necessary for a functioning PCB
• Atmega328P Chip Pre-Flashed with VIA
• Clear Acrylic Component Cover
• M2 Screws and Standoffs

This is a kit meaning you will have to solder all of the through hole components yourself. Be sure to read the build guide before purchasing. The only slightly difficult part of the build is soldering the USB-C port, but I will be more than happy to solder yours for you at no extra cost if you leave a message in the order notes.

Note: Due to the placement of the minivan traymount points, and this PCB being ortho, only 3 of the 7 mounting points are accessible, but I have found this to be a non-issue.

This is an in-stock item and will ship within 4 business days.