[GB] Willy

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Willy is a 36 key ortho-linear keyboard with HHKB-like blockers. It features a two-part case, top mounted plate, 3 degree typing angle, and a centered USB C port. All cases will be machined in aluminum and anodized black.

The kit includes:
- Black Top & Bottom Case Halves
- Black Willy PCB (Pre-flashed with Vial)
- Two Black FR4 Plates (1u/3u & 2u/6u)
- Case Hardware and Rubber Bumpons

Additional PCBs and Plates can be found here.

This is a preorder and will run for one month from September 2 to October 2. These are expected to ship within 3 months of the group buy end date, but may be subject to unforeseen delays.

Willy Bottom Row Layout Options